Role: Concept, Direction, Animation, Design

"Melody Jams" is a music app for kids I created and launched in 2016.  It's a side project that I run with my friends at Arbitrary in San Francisco with the help from some very talented musicians.  It's a project that means a lot to me and one I hope to grow over the years.  Animating silly characters rocking out to introduce kids to music.  What's better than that!  Shortly after launching we received a really amazing response from the kids app community so we recently released our a holiday themed version under the title "Holiday Jams".

Coded and produced by: Arbitrary

Music by: Nathan W. Mckee  & Hani Zahra

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Holiday Jams Download Link!

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Selected Press:



Smashing Magazine


TillyWig - "Best Creative Fun"

NAPPA - "2016 National Parenting Products Award Winner"


Melody Jams has been featured multiple times on the app store so far.  Above is from September 2016.   



It was a great experience designing the Melody Jams characters and getting to bring them to life.   The animated characters linked to each melody hopefully keep kids engaged visually while recreating the intimacy of creating music with friends. 

A big part of Melody Jams is that you get to join in and jam along.  We believe that exposing young kids to creative improvisation early on can be really beneficial.

The characters I designed for Melody Jams.  These are the non-themed designs.

Here's a still from one of Melody Jams' jams "The Big Show".  The band is now on the road and a little more rock n' roll!

Here's a still from another one of Melody Jams' jams "Mars Disco".  I had a blast designing and animating for the spaced themed jam.  Jetpacks, space flips, and electronics.

Here's the Melody Jams main interface I created for the most recent update.  Simple and fun!

HOLIDAY JAMS PROMO VIDEO (Our holiday themed 2nd release)

Holiday Jams Designs

Home page from the app.   Play, Info, and a "More Jams" button to direct users to our first app "Melody Jams"

Here's a still from "Holiday Jams" showing our characters in their winter theme adventure.  This is one of my favorite jams to date.

Another still from "Holiday Jams".  Play the pipes!

App Icon Design